Mafia Secrets, by David Marín

The two men agreed to meet each other in the restaurant. It was secret. Nobody else knew.

Anthony arrived late. Chris was suspecting him.

– Did anybody follow you?
– Nope. Not at all.
– Then, why are we talking under the table?

Anthony makes a pause and tries to explain it.

– Because I didn’t know which part of the table you were most comfortable on…
– Well, I like to be above the table.
– OK, fine.

The two men got back to the normal position.

– Why are you so late?
– Because we had to make a settling of scores.
– Who was the lucky guy?
– A family guy who borrowed money from us and didn’t want to return the favor.
– Oh.
– Guess what he spent it on.
– I don’t know. Just say it.
– Disneyland.

Chris raised an eyebrow.

– Really?
– He wanted to visit his wife.
– His wife lives in Disneyland?
– Well, she’s the woman we killed and buried in Disneyland.
– Oh, I remember… What was that for?
– Because she borrowed money from us to set up her big wedding and…
– …She didn’t want to return the favor.
– No, she did. She suicided and made it look like Mickey Mouse killed her.

Chris raised his other eyebrow.

– Why would she make that?!
– Because that was the favor!
– We wanted to have Mickey Mouse dead?!
– How do you think he started the Disney empire? He just asked us for a loan!

Chris took down his eyebrows and sighed.

– That’s why I want to finish with this job. It’s getting more complex and absurd…
– So do I.
– Where did you bury the body?
– In Disneyland.
– Did you go there just to bury a deadbeat?
– Sure.
– And the reason is…?
– We had planned a meeting with Minnie about the debts Mickey left.

Chris passes his hands over his head because of the nonsense.

– And where are their children?
– They are now with a woman who requested us to adopt some kids without bureaucracy and that stuff.
– Oh, my god…
– It sounds weird, I know, but this will be our job until we resign.
– And how will we do that?
– That’s what this meeting should be about, right?

The waiter arrives and the men order their food.

Then, they get back to the talk.

– We must inform our boss, Chris.
– Are you serious? When we tell him our resignation, he’ll take us to Disneyland!
– Bullshit! He will understand and let us be free.
– Sure, he will have already bought our tickets…
– Stop saying that!

After 30 minutes of talk, they left and went directly to the boss’s house.

– We came here to let you know about our personal situation.
– We think that working in your business is a pleasure…
– …But we want to settle down and start a family.
– Exactly, that’s why we have decided to resign.
– We thank you for employing us all these years.

There was a long silence while the boss stared at them.

– Minnie hasn’t paid Mickey’s debts, has she?
– No, she hasn’t, but it has nothing to do with our decision.

The boss stands up and inhales and exhales.

– All right, I accept it. We had some great time here, guys. I hope you have a great new life.
– Oh, thank you, we appreciate your gesture a lot. It’s been a nice experience.
– I wish you the best.
– We desire the same for you, too.
– I hope we can see each other someday.
– Of course, we’ll sure do. Until then, goodbye.
– Goodbye.

10 years later…

There’s a bunch of people, some of them crying, in a funeral.

On another side, there are four men looking at the ground, one of them sobbing quite much.

– Why? He shouldn’t have… It wasn’t his fault…

It could be read on the gravestone:


He would be the first of a long series of revenge murders by Minnie.



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