The Ad Populum Class, by David Marín

Some youngsters in a class. They are talking to each other, and suddenly a lightning strike happened. They all move fast to the window.

Two boys have a conversation about the recent events.

– What was that?
– I think it was a lightning.
– Oh, yeah? Do you have any proof about that?
– No, but I recognized the sound and it was very similar to a lighting.
– OK, so now we’re going to trust you, right?
– I don’t mind if you don’t, but I’m very sure it was and some people might think the same.

“I agree with him”, “Me too”, some girls and boys say.

– Well, no matter how many of you agree with that statement, you definitely have no proof, it could have been anything. Maybe God…
– Wait, WHAT?
– God. Do you know what it is?
– Of course I do, but that’s not something God did. I mean, God doesn’t exist.
– God exists.
– You’re lying. Remember when we studied Big Bang?
– I didn’t.
– Oh, it’s true. You refused to do the exam to appeal to a non-existent thing.
– Science is just porn for atheists.
– Science is proof for atheists.
– There are a lot of stories about people who saw God and Jesus Christ.
– And could it be possible they are fake and those people only lied?
– Why would people joke about something so important like God?
– I don’t know… How do you know that God exists?
– Because many people, like me, believe he really exists.
– Do you believe in that? So, you think he exists?
– Yep.
– But does he exists in reality?
– Yep.
– Then I can also believe you’re dumb and you might not be.
– A lot of people think God exists, alright?
– I know, but you have no proof!
– Why does that matter? It’s our belief. Would you leave us alone?
– I didn’t mean to…
– Can you respect speech freedom?
– But…

What is a fact? Is our knowledge more based in facts or in opinions?, said the last question on Philosophy exam. The two boys exchanged glances when they read it.

[Para leerlo en español, ve a la siguiente página del post]



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