The Traffic Jam, by David Marín

An elderly couple, a man and a woman, are stuck in a traffic jam.

– Oh, fuck! Why is this so slow?
– Calm down, Robert.
– Don’t tell me that or I’m getting more angry!
– What were you expecting for this Sunday? A road with no cars, only us?
– None of this would have happened if we had chosen the freeway!
– I’m not going to spend 15 dollars for going faster, it’s not worth it.
– Yeah, it’s better to stay in a car with an air conditioner that doesn’t work in summer!!
– You should have taken the car to the mechanic to fix it.
– I’m not going to spend 200 dollars for fixing it, buying a new car is more cost-effective.
– Whatever…
– You know what? I’m going to see who is causing all this mess.
– Don’t do that, Robert! The cars could move forward later and you might not find our car.
– Bullshit. I’ll recognize my own car. It’s the one with a broken air conditioner!!

The man gets out of the car and walks up to the supposed responsible for that problem.

In the beginning of the traffic jam, there’s a car stopped on the road. Inside, there’s a young couple of two men.

– Incredible!
– Please, turn on the car and let’s move!
– I do not pretend to do that until this damn thing is full.
– You’ll be able to watch Netflix when we arrive at the hotel, geez.
– I promised myself that I’d watch the new season of Daredevil with no interruptions between episodes.
– And?
– I fell asleep last night while Netflix was loading the last episode.
– And?
– Well, I need to watch it NOW.
– Can you please set this aside and keep going?!
– We could, but it seems today Netflix is having a hard time buffering! Tell him, Netflix! Tell him how asshole are you! Tell him how much I hate you…
– If it’s not loading, just leave it! When we arrive at the hotel it’ll sure be working as usual.
– Just shut up! I’m thinking about what is causing this problem…

The man closes his eyes and tries to guess what or who is provoking this issue.

On Netflix headquarters, there’s a woman holding a cable with her hand, the last person in a line. Another girl comes across her.

– Hey! What are you doing here?
– Waiting…
– For what?
– I must plug in another server, but even for doing this simple thing I have to wait for them to finish.
– What is going on?
– The boss installed a coffee maker this morning and…
– Wait, a coffee maker? Is it a Nespresso?
– Indeed, it is, yes.
– Finally! All those messages in the suggestion box made it come true!
– So… You were the one who convinced the boss to get it?
– Yeah!
– For God’s sake… When everybody leaves, I’ll unplug that machine and connect the server!
– Could you let me sneak in, so before you unplug it I could get a coffee?
– Yeah, of course. I think I’ll also need one.
– You should, honey.
– I wonder why so many people need a morning coffee…

The girl thinks carefully about that.

– Oh, I get it. It’s just people following the crowd.

[Para leerlo en español, ve a la siguiente página del post]



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